Part of Nature (in colour)


Here’s the final coloured version of this A4 sized drawing I made earlier. The process was quite slow but it turned out pretty nice in the end. :)

Happy rest of the week!


Ps: Art prints of this one available (click here).


About Micke Nikander

Hi! I'm a graphic designer and artist from Finland. I like creating pictures from scratch as much as documenting the wonders of the world through a lens. No, actually I like drawing more.. :) -Micke


  1. Nice work! Inspiring me to get on with my thesis :D

  2. Tarja Liljavirta

    Vau! Hienoja töitä, olet lahjakas! Terveisiä Tasmanian piruille Tarja ja Irja

  3. Violet

    Wow this beautiful! I love it!

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