Organic / Non-organic

Got carried away while doodling. Started this from the eyes and then it just progressed to this piece one detail at a time. :)

Made with: Marker, Sakura Pigma Brush, Micron 01 and 005


About Micke Nikander

Hi! I'm a graphic designer and artist from Finland. I like creating pictures from scratch as much as documenting the wonders of the world through a lens. No, actually I like drawing more.. :) -Micke


  1. The stippling alone is awesome, but the winner is that you kept good lighting to the edges of the rounded areas. Anybody can throw down hundreds upon thousands of little black dots, but an experienced hand knows when to draw a line for those dots to stop and let light wrap around a curved edge and meet the darkest line of light, which subsequently fades back to a lighter tone. These are the things only artists think about. Overall, a vey nice piece here.

    • Yep, sometimes it can be tricky to ease with the stippling and stop. I usually do the whole part lighter and then intensify the shadow parts. It’s easy to add dots but you already made dots can’t naturally be erased. :)


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