Planet “Weird”

Doodling away again.. :) This is what planet “Weird” could look like.. maybe not so different from our own.

Tools used for this one: Micron 005 and 01 + a black marker.



About Micke Nikander

Hi! I'm a graphic designer and artist from Finland. I like creating pictures from scratch as much as documenting the wonders of the world through a lens. No, actually I like drawing more.. :) -Micke


  1. Now, a little insight on things to come, things that may come and things that may have already happened…

    Again a well-aimed strike on a familiar visceral chord. You have an incredible ability to deconstruct and rebuild a perspective. The feedback usually comes right back and hits the audience in the face. SLAP! A brave new perception on human condition is proposed.

    Something in these pieces seems far from the conventional mainstream perspective on life. Something that doesn’t fit in their 15 minutes debates or their banal news soundbites. Something here is screaming a loud: Wake the fuck up?!

    Again, I’m always stunned when I realize how much your work vibrates with my perception on things. I really love this concept, Micke.

    Keep it up. Right up!

    The French Canadian time traveller,

    Frank ” McFly ” Loon

    • Hi! Thanks again for your comment. This one has quite the similar message as “Carved Planet” – the essense that some things in the world are still OK but some so disturbed that they fall out our perspective. Let’s say it’s “fine” to develop a society to a majestic extent, but what is the burden on nature and it’s beings?

      In this on the “Creator” (meaning us humans) is looking away maybe a bit ashamed and holding on by small threads having lost true connection. Maybe our future?

      I know it’s a bit cynical, but anyway. Nice that you see the “clue” in these. For some it’s not so obvious. They see weirdness. ;)


      Micke “occasional cynic” Nikander

      • I imagine you’ve seen a world outside the box that was proposed – I bask at myself when I project a part of me in your work. As for my perspective of your work, I only tried to grasp a certain essence that was portrayed. But then again, there are many more flavors to this artzy dish you served us… And that’s the beauty of it!


        Frank ” Mo’ Money, Mo’ Madness ” Loon

      • Thanks! We think alike.. so be it. :)


  2. Brings to mind an episode of Babylon 5… :D

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