Carved Planet (in colour)

Finally got this one finished! This is the second version I referred to in some posts related to this work.

Decided to publish this at midsummer – time for Finnish celebration. This can also be a good post for celebrating the upcoming 6 months of The Artzy Side blog!

Cheers, mates!


Ps. This one might also look good on the wall, so go “check dis out”

Carved_planet_in_colourNäyttökuva 2013-06-20 kohteessa 20.38.06 Näyttökuva 2013-06-20 kohteessa 20.37.42 Näyttökuva 2013-06-20 kohteessa 20.37.295028493_15218949-caseiphone5_b5028440_16587308-frm715bl01_b

About Micke Nikander

Hi! I'm a graphic designer and artist from Finland. I like creating pictures from scratch as much as documenting the wonders of the world through a lens. No, actually I like drawing more.. :) -Micke


  1. Chur bro, nice work!
    Kinda reminds me a little of that Commander Keen game from way back :D

  2. Great coloring and a very nice piece overall.

  3. bluerock / debrazone

    You are a brilliant illustrator!

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