Traditional vs. Digital


As a designer it is crucial to know where your print designs end after twisting and turning the layouts on your screen. Selecting the right paper, printing method and finishing touches (for ex. embossing, lacquers or foiling) makes all the difference in the end..

So, me and some of my colleagues visited a printing house today. It was really refreshing to do that after eight years time. Seeing traditional offset printers in action and getting an update of the mechanics of those really cool “finishing tools” was really inspiring. :)

In contrast to these complex looking mechanical offset printers and finishing machines, the digital printers seemed like.. well, large office printers. Though they make really good looking prints, there is something lacking in the finished product.. maybe the feeling of the history of printing?

Long story short: Go offset printing! Go beautifully finished prints!

Here are some photos from today..


About Micke Nikander

Hi! I'm a graphic designer and artist from Finland. I like creating pictures from scratch as much as documenting the wonders of the world through a lens. No, actually I like drawing more.. :) -Micke


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