Dotty Eye (experimental)

I have seen these kind of dot-based drawings done by other artists around the web and decided to try the technique out. So I took a 0,1 mm Micron and started making dots. :)

Before going to any “larger project” I drew an eye – one of my favorite subjects. This one took about 2,5 hours and the pen took quite a beating. But have to keep practising because it’s a lot of fun. :)


IMG_4773 copy IMG_4775 copy IMG_4770 copy IMG_4769 copy IMG_4765 copy

About Micke Nikander

Hi! I'm a graphic designer and artist from Finland. I like creating pictures from scratch as much as documenting the wonders of the world through a lens. No, actually I like drawing more.. :) -Micke


  1. These drawings are a credit to you, and your patience!

    • Thanks for commenting! Patience is pretty much determined by what I’m doing. This was something I couldn’t stop finishing once started. You should try this technique too. :)

  2. andthisiswhyiwilldiealonesurroundedbycats

    this is beautiful!

  3. Camila Plate

    dot dot dot!:)

  4. Spectacular. I wonder how long this would take in Illustrator(?)

    • Thanks for commenting. :) Can’t really imagine how long it would take to draw this in Illustrator.. with a mouse at least.. Click, Click, Click, Click.. times a few thousand. :)

  5. Very cool and very impressive indeed! I admire your patience Micke! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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